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Policy on Conflict Minerals

Conflict Free Smelter (CFS)
Audit Report 2017

MSC is fully committed to meeting the requirement of EICC, OECD and Governments of the affected countries and subscribes to a larger term sustainability objective of improving the tin mining industry of the region. We remain committed to the responsible sourcing of minerals in Central Africa by supporting the expansion of ITSCI in Katanga province, Maniema, North Kivu and South Kivu.

We continue to reach out to all the stakeholders in the tin supply chain to promote due diligence activities. The successful implementation of the ITSCI program has spurred more ASM activities which are vital for the socio-economic growth of the communities who are dependent on it.

Given our long presence in Central Africa and the crucial role we had played in the formulation of a sustainable tin supply chain initiative with ITRI back in 2010, MSC will continue to work with all parties who share our vision for a sustainable mineral sector in Central Africa.

MSC is committed to be a conflict-free tin smelter by enhancing our status through a combination of efforts, and in close cooperation with Governments and NGOs. MSC has a dedicated internal CFS team for overseeing and executing its conflict-free minerals compliance strategy. The team consists of individuals from relevant functional areas, including operations and commercial departments. The team members have the necessary competence, knowledge and experience to oversee the supply chain due diligence processes.